Web Developers Needed

The Center's work is at it's earliest stages of development. In these modern times, no initiative will take root and grow without a compelling web site. At the moment our Web site development team needs volunteers to help us build and develop the site. If you are starting out with a desire to get into software development, you will likely need to develop web site coding skills, and so this may be an excellent opportunity for you. Below is a description of the site build and framework. If you think you have the requisite skills to contribute - please reach out to us and let us know.

The TCFSI website is a python Flask application. It is hosted on AWS using ElasticBeanstalk/Route54/CodePipeline. Changes to the master branch are configured to be deployed live autonamtically via CodePipeline.

The dev branch should be used as the main development branch. Dev should always be in sync with master. When making updates to the website create a new branch and a pull request to dev for review. When your change is approved it should be merged into dev and tested. If after merging your branch into dev everything looks as expected, a pull request should be made to the master branch. An authotirsed user should merge the pull request into master which will kick off the deployment to the live site: http://thecenterforsympatheticintelligence.org/