Imagine - It’s easy if you try!

Here at the Center for Sympathetic Intelligence we believe we are forging a way forward to a better future, for what the world needs now is a more caring society.

We also believe that the human race is an intelligent species that has so far failed to realize the full potential of its deepest intelligence - the capacity to live in sympathy with each other.

But here at the Center for Sympathetic Intelligence we imagine:

  • A Society where neighborliness is the norm rather than the exception!
  • A workplace where people can earn a wage without suffering an environment filled with aggression, angst and stress!
  • A Health Care Industry that really cares or a corporate financial world motivated in equal part between profit and socially responsible investing!
  • A police force that rarely needs to exercise authority by force in conducting their day-to-day mission of keeping the peace or a police force that can rely on the force of reason and civility alone to ensure compliance.
  • A higher educational system which really puts the student as a developing human person at the center of its mission and is also a great place for teachers, instructors and professors alike to work.

Please consider donating to our mission - we are a Not For Profit Charity registered with the NY State - this means you can use your generosity to reduce your tax imprint and know that your donation will go to funding the Center and its Mission.

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The Center for Sympathetic Intelligence - where bringing depth to life is is our mission.