Sympathetic Intelligence is ubiquitous. However, many aspects of our lives, viewed through the lens of Sympathetic Intelligence take on a whole new meaning and significance. We describe some of these aspects as follows:-

Every purpose needs a process, and stated simply; processification is the placement of process over purpose. It occurs when the process takes precedence over the purpose it was created to serve....Read More

There is one thing that absolutely and definitively separates each and every individual in any one context and moment, and that is our perspective. ... Read More

When we engage in any one moment, we are making inferences based on our perceptions, which then become the basis for our response to those perceptions....Read More

Presence helps to ground us from becoming lost in the state of sensory flux that we are subject to at any given moment.Read More

This is natural spontaneity that is nonetheless sympathetic, because the individual has contemplated and reflected upon the depthful nature of sympathetic intelligence. Read More

Using Sympathetic Intelligence to behave in a way that neutralizes, counters or disarms a person...Read More

Subliminality refers to the way our Sympathetic Intelligence can be revealed through our actions, without our intending it to be.....Read More

Sympathetic Intelligence is effectively a thread that weaves its way through society, effectively creating what is often described as the fabric of society....Read More